Sunday, June 1, 2014

TheRadBrad Sniffs Cocaine In New Video Only Available Here! Over 2 Million Downloads.

TheRadBrad Has Become Very Popular For Alot Of Reasons

About Bradley Colburn

1. He makes youtube videos about gaming

2. He has over 100 Million views

3. He's making $2,000,000 a year

That's GOOD! BUT, thanks to some detective work by us he has been CAUGHT secretly sniffing cocaine!

We have paid over $30,000 to different people close to TheRadBrad to get our hands on this very secret and private video of him sniffing cocaine, and now that we have it we are making it public as long as we can! We want to expose TheRadBrad for the coke sniffer that he is!

HOW We Got A Video Of TheRadBrad Sniffing Coke

TheRadBrad is known for making theradbrad videos about gaming and beating games. However, he ALSO does some very wild things offline! As you will see in the free video we have made available he is a cocaine addict, and alcoholic. After we found out from 1 of our sources that Brad went to his friend Jasons home a few times a week, we paid a friend close to TheRadBrad and Jason $10,000 dollars to install a hidden camera in Jasons home so we could see exactly what they were up to. The first few nights NOTHING happened, because they are not at Jasons house yet. But then around 3 nights later, in May 2014 TheRadBrad and his friend Jason arrive at Jasons home. Brad gets extremely drunk as seen on the video footage while Jason laughs alot. 

Theradbrad says "dude I'm ready for my hit!". So Jason goes into the closet, and takes out what is known as a vial of cocaine. He brings it over to TheRadBrad and Brad puts a mini straw in his nose, places the other side of the straw to the table with the cocaine on it, and you can see Brad clearly snorting the cocaine! He's seen sniffing so hard, his eyes start bulging out of his head alittle, and his face turns extremely red as he takes a hit of the drug! The whole time, Jason is seen there laughing at TheRadBrad, calling him a cokehead, and clapping. We have seen many youtube videos by theradbrad so its crazy to see this video of him with a drug addiction and drinking addiction. Hardcore fans, may start CRYING after seeing this insane and unexpected video!

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